247 accessible documents at ATA 59, NOLA

The 247 accessible documents team is excited to attend the 59th Annual Conference of American Translators Association event at New Orleans, Louisiana from 24th – 27th October.

Today, translation of documents is a big business but providing these translated documents that is accessible to people with disability is an added advantage. In addition, you also meet your accessibility compliance and manage risk as per ADA, Section 508 or AODA

247 Accessible Documents aims to simplify making translated documents accessible. We have been working with organizations across the globe, all unique but with common document accessibility challenges and goals. We offer accessible document remediation services to ensure that your translated documents, training manuals, user manuals, brochures, learning material, and textbooks are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 508.

Come and meet our team at booth #12 at the ATA 59 conference and we would be glad to discuss with you how 247 Accessible Documents can provide end to end solutions to make your translated documents accessible to all.

Can’t wait till the event? Get in touch with us via sales@247accessibledocuments.com

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